[User Guide] What is Light Mode?

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[User Guide] What is Light Mode?

Post by MCADevelopment » Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:12 am

In Encode->Light, there are 3 modes to control flashlight.
Why so complex? Can't we provide just one common mode for all devices?

Honestly, we can't.

We found one control mode has different behaviors on different brands' devices or even on the different devices with the same brand.
There is no common way to let all devices' flashlight work normally.

What is "flashlight work normally"? It means we can turn flashlight on/off in the right timing.
That is, following are the "work abnormally" cases:
A. Some devices cannot turn light on with mode 1.
B. Some devices can turn light on/off with mode 2, but in very slow rate no matter what WPM is.
C. Some devices can turn light on/off with mode 3, but cannot meet the timing we need for the right signal.

Among our testing devices, we found mode 3 is the most common way to control flashlight and we set it to default since V2.0.0.
However, mode 1 and mode 2 consumes less power then mode 3. It's worth to test whether they are working or not.

In Communication->Light, we have no choice but control flashlight with camera.
Therefore, some devices cannot meet the timing on high WPM. You may need to use lower WPM to let communication work.
For an example, Huawei nova lite with Android 8.0 can only work with WPM <= 6.

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