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Read before post Suggestion or Bug Report

Post by MCADevelopment » Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:17 am

Please use TAG: [Suggestion] [Bug Report] for each topic.

For Bug Report, please provide following information:
Device Name:
Device Model (Model number):
Android version:
APP's version:
Description of the problem:
Screen snapshot of the problem:

For an example,
Device Name: ASUS Zenfone 4
Device Model (Model number): ASUS_T00I
Android version: 5.0
APP's version: 2.0.0
Description of the problem: Enter Decode-Light. The page showed up for several seconds, then it crushed.
Screen snapshot of the problem:

Useful tips:
1. Device Model (Model number) and Android version can be found on:
HTC: your device's setting -> About -> Phone Identity
Samsung: your device's setting -> More -> About device
Huawei: your device's setting -> System -> About phone
ASUS: your device's setting -> About

2. Screen snapshot can be done by
A. Press Power button and Volume-Down concurrently for a second.
B. Keep pressing Power button, then Click 'Home'

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